Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Character Sketches [Backwards Compatibility]

Crickette French: Protagonistic, POV. Socially awkward, nearly anti-social graduate working at PWNd. Doesn’t know how to deal with people, doesn’t connect well with others. Isn’t entirely certain she’s happy any more with who she is and is willing to take a chance with unfamiliar people and living an unfamiliar life to her. Realizing she wants to change and try to open up, she readily befriends Chance and Karma, which effects her relationship with Drima. A game of “dares” shared between she and Chance opens both to new experiences and Chance helps Crickette to catch up on what she missed out on doing in high school.

Chance Folly: Love interest. In school, Chance hardly knew Crickette. A former soccer player who isn’t entirely certain of who he is. After landing a job at PWNd, he strikes up a friendship with Crickette and Karma and is the one to introduce Crickette to everything she missed out on. During the summer, his family is going through a lot of problems, and though he likes Crickette, he finds trouble engaging in anything serious with her, and often appears wishy washy. To pass the time, he spends much of his available time with Crickette and her friends and the two share a game of “dares”.

Karmen “Karma” Whitticker: Bold, vibrant, and loud, Karma stands out where Crickette likes to blend in. Unfortunately for Crickette, Karma doesn’t take no for an answer and she seems utterly taken by Crickette. With her bright pink streaks, her reckless disregard for the opinion of others and her complacency in life, she unsettles Crickette, and intrigues her all the same. Without meaning to, Karma drives between Crickette and Drima, ultimately making Crickette start to reevaluate her relationships and where she stands in life.

Adrima “Drima” Edge: Long-time best friend of Crickette, Drima is pushy, wheedling, dramatic, whiney, but endearing to Crickette. She’s used to being the leader of their trio with Theo and often gets her way. When Karma shows up, Drima is threatened. Afraid Crickette will leave her, she tries to reign Criekette in closer, going as far as to offer an ultimatum which doesn’t end in a desirable note. Has control issues, low self-esteem. Guilt tripper.

Theodore “Theo” : Crickette’s first friend, Theo was the Knight in Shining Armor to her third grade jungle gym stunt. He’s been there for her every time she’s needed and even though she doesn’t always convey emotion very well, he does his best to help her out. A neutral player in the drama erupting in Crickette’s life, he just wants his friends to be happy. As a passive person, this works out for Theo, but only for so long. Even he has to make a choice, and he has to admit, he’s rather enraptured with bold, quirky Karma.

Tanner Sullivan: While Chance’s family goes into crisis mode, his cousin Tanner comes to stay with them with his aunt. Instantly pulled into the niche of the world created by Crickette and Chance. He is rather abrasive, a bit pretentious, and reminds Crickette of the inside of her mind. Offers her an awakening and helps to drive Chance to Crickette. Tanner has a superiority complex, like Crickette, thus struggles to connect with people. Like many, he is easily charmed by Karma, so while he’s initially unwanted by the group, he winds up spending a lot of his time with them.

Serenity Folly: The older sister to Chance, Serenity is the opposite of her name. Impulsive, open, and bossy, she likes Crickette at once, because she reminds her of her former self. Serenity helps Crickette to look at the world differently, to stop judging everyone and most importantly, to just be herself. She also tells Crickette to offer Chance the chance (hehehe pun) that he’s too afraid to take.

Bianca French: Crickette and her mother do not easily get along. Living a delusional life of grandeur illusions, Bianca has always wanted to live up to be something more. She’s a middle-class woman living the life of a wanna-be-socialite. She cares greatly about what other people think and urges others to, as well. With a nasty spending habit, her favorite hobby is keeping up with the Jones. Bianca is far more superficial than the rest of the family and butts heads with her tomboy-ish daughter. Though she doesn’t admit it, it is obvious Bianca always wished her daughter would have turned out a bit more feminine. Their tense relationship provides a faulty foundation for Crickette.

Geoffrey French: It is sometimes wondered how Bianca and Geoffrey married, when she so obviously seems destined for something more than the accountant he is. Goofy and soft-hearted, he is the parent Crickette gets along with best. He is often making jokes where Bianca finds inappropriate and is much more lax with his only daughter. Often, he tries to convince Bianca to lay off and to try to stop pushing her ideas on Crickette. While Bianca works from home most of the time, Geoffrey spends much of his time in an office. Now that Crickette is an adult and finally having a larger social life, he is often helping her sneak by her mother or covering up for her.

Lewis [needs last name]: (28) Owner and night manager of PWNd. Gangly, lanky. Curly brillopad hair. Glasses. Tall. Laid-back, he’s almost too chill about things, but knows when to be serious. Prefers to have fun and to create a comfortable work environment. While he’s perceptive, he sometime forgets to take things into consideration and easily embarrasses Crickette with little effort. Much like an older brother to her.

Charlie [needs last name]: (32) Best friend to Lewis, Charlie is the other main manager, works mostly during the day. Large, round man, balding. He’s very friendly, easy to get along with, and very chatty, but he can also be very anal retentive and has a certain way he likes things to be done. Very silly and goofy, though, described by Crickette as “the silly uncle you look forward to seeing.”

Veronica “Roni” [needs last name]: (27) The final head manager. Initially intimidating, Roni at first comes across as scene, or maybe goth, with her dark, choppy hair, her dark make-up, her often dark clothes, the dragon tattoo crossing from shoulder to shoulder, her face piercings (two lip studs, nose ring, eyebrow pierced, and pierced up ears). Even when you get to know her, she’s at first intimidating, especially if you type-cast her. Brusque, rash, blunt, completely honest, and with a mouth that would make a sailor blush, Roni holds nothing back and gives it to you straight. She’ll argue you into submission, is highly charismatic, and has the intelligence to back up everything she says. With a love for video games (duh), gorey movies, zombies, anime, and a steel stomach, she’s not exactly what one would expect, especially when she shows her feminine side or starts to gush like your typical girly girl. A great person to get advice from, because she’ll tell it to you straight. Very much like the older sister Crickette always wanted.

Brody [needs last name]: (22) A senior in college on the fast track to a five-year-Masters, Brody was Crickette’s first (and until recently, only) crush. Charming but geeky in a way that works well together, he has a smooth way of talking with his nose in a book or his thumbs mashing on a controller. Glasses, curly blonde hair, dark-puppy eyes and an admirable brain, he has easily become a great PWNd companion to Crickette.

Spencer [needs last name]: (21) Indie-boy Spencer loves music you’ve never heard of, movies that don’t make it to the big-screen and shooting up zombies. He’s quiet and more reserved than many of the other employees and for this reason, Crickette doesn’t know him well. His sense of humor is different from most peoples’ and what you find funny, he probably wouldn’t. Don’t try a Your Momma joke on him. Typically, he doesn’t spend a lot of time with the rest of the staff, simply because he never feels he belongs, but no one else knows that.

Tony [needs last name]: (25) Roni’s current squeeze is Tony, whom she has been with for the past three years now. He’s one of the shorter staffers with a keen love for photography and, like everyone else, video games. Like most of the staff, Tony is easy to get along with but has occasional anger outbursts. Also loves football (and most sports) and likes to play rugby.

Pamona Shore: (23) A former employee of PWNd, it is because of her leave that Chance was hired. With a very pregnant belly, she has left the video game store. Somewhat uptight, Pamona has to be in control of everything and makes lists all the time. Often, she takes on too much and struggles to make it all work, but she refuses to give in. Because of this, she’s always overworking herself, stressing to the point of breaking. However, she most likely will refuse your offers of help.


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